Faces of Faerie

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Release Date: September 17, 2014
Update: NA
Seller: Big Ben Parliament Creations
Edition Description: First Edition
Requirements: Compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch models running iOS 7 or later



A portal to the Faery Realm has been opened...

Faces of Faerie

An App for iDevices

You are invited to share in this journey, which Brian and Wendy Froud have created for anyone wishing to reach beyond the veil and experience a direct connection with their faery. This is a one to one personal experience. Brian has spent over 2 years connecting to the realm and painting the portraits of these faeries. Now we are bringing them to you, through this unique app, for you to discover what message your faerie wishes to share with you.  



• 48 different connection possibilities to the Realm of Faerie
• 2 different connections points
   "You Choose" - asks for you to take a photo using your iDevice and you will be connected with your faery.
   "Faery Choose" - you touch the portal and your energy is connected to your faery.
• Ability to “Save” your faeries and edit them. 
• Share your faery by email, message, Facebook and Twitter.
• Unique Autograph Page that allows for you to have your app signed by Brian and Wendy Froud.
• Share your autographs by email, message, Facebook, Twitter and print.


You might also like their previously released app, Froud Meditations: Pathways to Faery. Touch faery and its different realms through 4 different guided visual meditations and open your creativity to the world of faerie. 

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